Villas in Seminyak, Guide and Information

Villas in Seminyak is usually open for 24 hours for welcoming the new guesses in Bali. There is the receptionist office with the friendly receptionist and employees that will help you. As one of the dream place of the tourist to stay, villas in seminyak should have the great facilities for the tourists. Below are the guidance and information about the villas in Seminyak to make you easier if you want to stay in Seminyak, Bali.

The check in time for the most Villas in Seminyak Bali is 1.00pm. And the check out time is 12.00pm. It will be multiple every 24 hours. It has the tolerance times for the lateness of check out as a free of charge until 3.00pm if there were not another guesses. The lateness of checkout until 6.00pm will be charging 50% of the night rate cost. After 6.00pm it will be charging full price of night rate cost. Besides that, most villas in Seminyak Bali are usually has the minimum stay rule for the guesses. For renting a villa in Seminyak, you should have the two nights staying in the low season and the five nights staying in the high season.

Villas in Seminyak have the different facilities between one to another. However, commonly they have some facilities that appropriate with the Bali weather or condition. As a part of the tropical country, Bali is including to the hot island. So, choose the villas that have the AC rooms for the guesses, swimming pool, and enough outside shelter to enjoy the exoticism of Bali. The villas in Seminyak are usually d├ęcor in the modern type with the touch of traditional Bali or the classic Bali architecture.

The prices to stay in the Villas in Seminyak are in variety. It is usually in the range of $50 up to $500 or even more. It depends on the type of the Villa that you rent. Is it the luxury ones or the cheap one? The prices that offered is also based on the services that do you want to take while you are staying. The price of the regular services of a Villa is different with the complete services villa with the laundry service, spa services, pick up and transfer services from the airport until the villa and vice versa, and many more. However, usually the price that a villa offers is excluding the breakfast service. So, choose a villa that has the perfect access to the main place such as restaurant.


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